Zion's art of spoken word transcends all barriers of race, class, gender, and socio-economics. He is a prolific speech and freelance writer. Zion has penned many styles of speeches for both political leaders and religious leaders. He is also a noted author, syndicated columnist, and has had numerous news editorials published in The Charlotte Post Newspaper.


In addition to sharing his gifts of writing and empowerment speaking, in May of 2010 Zion was selected to help create and organize a vital coalition under the direction of Charlotte’s former Mayor Anthony Foxx to address and eradicate over 50% of high school dropouts at West Charlotte High School. Zion was one of the pillars to help spark the historical movement known as West Charlotte Mentoring Coalition (WCMC). Not only was Zion fortunate to collaborate with other city councilmen, religious and civic dignitaries, but he created the name WCMC as well as the vision statement for the coalition, “THE STRENGTH OF A COMMUNITY IS FOUND IN THE PREPARATION OF ITS YOUTH.”


Ronald poetically known as Zion is no stranger to adversity and conflict. Setbacks are preludes to comebacks. His resilience and determination to declare victory in the face of defeat qualifies him to embrace his identity and fulfill his destiny.  He is committed to upholding the integrity of authorship, poetry, and public speaking, which some have compromised for self-aggrandizement.


Recognized for his cutting edge messages and practical applications, his fervent passion is for the fragmented and forgotten. This weighty mantle is an uncompromising mandate to bring healing, freedom, and restoration to men and women by empowering them through education.

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Born and raised in

Charlotte, North Carolina

Zion is a graduate of

West Charlotte Senior High School.  


Graduate of Lee University with a Bachelors degree in

Christian Ministry with a

concentration in Pastoral Ministry.

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