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about us

The growth in parental incarceration over the past two decades has significant implications for children and families. An estimated 1.7 million youth younger than 18 in the United States have at least one parent in prison, and millions more have a parent currently in jail.  However, research has shown that having an incarcerated parent can present individual and environmental risks for the child and increase the likelihood of negative outcomes. Research also suggests that intervening in the lives of incarcerated parents and their children to preserve and strengthen positive family connections can yield positive societal benefits in the form of reduced recidivism, less intergenerational criminal justice system involvement, and promotion of healthy child development.  

To assist with these growing needs, Pinnacle Community Outreach specializes in providing support to children and youth who have a parent (s) or guardian (s) who are incarcerated. The scope of our programs ensure that children receive the maximum level of care and community resources available, while also providing a stable reunification process.

Our educational interventions are targeted, strategic methods of redirection and positive influence, based upon structured and professional curriculums.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Recidivism Prevention Life Skills Development Program

Family Therapy

Individual and group coaching

Parental training

Resources through partnerships

Community support