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Ronald Zion Roseboro is the prolific author of: Is There A Samson In You? Quotes and Notes: Journal for the journey, How To Play The Hand You're Dealt, and Breaking News.


Zion is a public speaker, Best Selling author, empowerment specialist, leadership trainer, workshop facilitator,   freelance writer, speech writer, magazine and newspaper columnist, spoken word poet, and ambassador of the Risen Christ. Additionally, Zion specializes in re-entry consulting. He is committed to upholding the integrity and standard of empowerment writing and speaking, by equipping others to live a life of hope, healing, and freedom.

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"Your past mistakes are only pages within your book of life........"



I stand at the intersection of manhood circle and immature lane, past wounds become inflamed from self-inflicted pain. Night shadows cast a silhouette of angry faces trapped in a lonely maze, escape is reckless sex and drugs like Hendrix in a smoked out purple haze.